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Advanced Hypnosis Training
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Take a look at what Tom Silver has in store for you!

Read on and find out about the exciting benefits you’ll gain from spending four days in Southern California with one of the most dynamic and inspiring trainers in the world of hypnotherapy today...

You’ll learn State-of-the-Art effective techniques

The tried-and-tested techniques you’ll learn on this training will compliment your existing expertise. You’ll have at your fingertips a wider choice of inductions, deepening techniques and treatments to offer your clients. You’ll increase your understanding of hypnosis and raise your confidence by developing and expanding your toolbox of methods and techniques that really work!

This is an intensive four-day ´hold on to your seats´ training filled with practical advice, state-ofthe-art interventions, exciting demonstrations and `hands on´ experiential learning. And if you use only a fraction of what you are taught, you are guaranteed to be more successful as a hypnotherapist and elevate your practice to pole position in the marketplace! And the more successful you become...the more clients you attract...and the more money you’ll earn!

“The methods you taught us are completely different from anything
I have ever done. I trained as an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist seven
years ago...the directness of your method was so different for me -
now I have to learn to be more authoritarian! Feels good!"

Marilyn Charlton

I feel more confident now that I have a wider range of options to choose from...”

Elaine Gold

Just some of what you’ll learn on this training...

  • Rapid and Instant Inductions you can use for Clients and group hypnosis
  • The amazing Power of Regression - Simple techniques designed to unlock the secret of
    your clients' past and discover the real reasons behind their negative beliefs and
  • How to use 'Past Life' Regression to discover if a client’s problem in this life relates to
    an event in a past life, and to satisfy client’s curiosity about past lives and cell memory.
  • Discover the Secret to Removing Rears and Phobias in rapid time using Tom's unique
    Emotional Replacement Therapy techniques (E.R.T.)
  • Learn the scientific facts about brainwave activity as it relates to hypnosis and how to
    utilize state-of-the-art EEG Feedback Technology for maximum success with clients.
  • How to conduct Telephone Hypnotherapy Sessions. Tom will show you how to conduct
    a telephone hypnotherapy session and even use a physical induction in the session.
  • Learn a powerful formula for public demonstrations to generate publicity, and how to
    perform group inductions in less than two minutes. You will learn the secret of how to
    identify those you will be able to instantly hypnotize.
  • Company and Corporate Hypnosis Training. Hypnotherapists are being increasingly
    called upon to provide hypnosis training at a corporate level. Tom Silver has worked with
    Fortune 500 companies and will impart his knowledge and expertise in the area of
    corporate opportunities for hypnotherapists.
  • Learn how to reduce your therapy session duration using Tom's unique Pre-session
    Introduction Formula.
  • Learn about special tools & techniques for increasing the success and profile of your
    hypnotherapy practice.
  • Forensic Hypnosis - Tom will share some of the secrets relating to this specialist area of

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