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Advanced Hypnosis Training
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Tom Silver's Personal One-On-One
"Hands-On" Stage Hypnosis Training
"Secrets Revealed" Certification Course
Southern California

Become a Certified Stage Hypnotist!
For Beginners or Practicing Hypnotists

Tom Silver Hypnosis Training Course Boston Photo

Three Days of
Advanced Training

with Grandmaster Hypnotist, Tom Silver

Limited Offer: Now Only $4,995

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Receive unparalleled personal attention!
One-On-One, Hands-On Training and LIVE Demonstrations
Conducted by Master Hypnosis Trainer - Tom Silver

What other course offers
Stage, Radio and Television Hypnosis Training?

NONE! This is the only Hypnosis Course of it's kind. Not only will you learn how to set up your very own Professional Hypnosis Show step by step, you will also learn the "Ins and Outs" of doing LIVE Radio and Television Demonstrations. Hypnotize people in all settings and amaze people everywhere! Perfect for the Hypnotherapist wanting to massively increase their business, the inexperienced aspiring Comedy Stage Hypnotist and even the seasoned professional looking to add serious tools to their hypnosis tool-kit!

No where else can you learn how to put on a Comedy Hypnosis Show as well as Radio and Television Show Demonstrations! Tom is a Grand Master at his craft and holds nothing back from his valued students by telling everything he knows about this exciting profession. Learning techniques for performing hypnosis in front of larhe audiences will give a hypnotherapist more client referrals than their schedule book will hold, or a stage hypnotist more opportunities than he has ever dreamed of!

Tom Silver will teach you how to demonstrate hypnotic phenomenon to non-believers of hypnosis so they will become convinced that this power can be applied to change their lives. Entertain them like no one has ever done before!

Comedy Hypnosis Shows pay $1000 - $5000+ for a one hour stage show. This is serious money. Hypnotists are in high demand all over the WORLD like never before. Booking only one show can pay enough to cover the entire price for this training.

In this course you will see up close and personal how Tom hypnotizes people on stage. You even have the opportunity to be hypnotized by him, as LIVE inductions will take place in class while Tom puts on personal demonstrations for the group. From group inductions to fund and exciting stage routines, you will learn it all.

Upon completion of this course you will receive 2 Stage Hypnosis Certifications:

  1. Stage Hypnosis Certification
  2. Stage Hypnosis Safety Certification

Topics Covered in Your Stage Hypnosis Training:

  • Complete Setup of a Professional Stage Hypnosis Show - All steps from A to Z.
  • Suggestibility Tests - Test audience receptiblity for your stage show!
  • Audience Participation Experiments - Fun activities getting everyone to laugh and like you.
  • Talking to Your Audience - Public speaking skills, gesturing, and voicing skills.
  • Pre-Inductions - Your opening speech to the audience, explaining the powers of hypnosis.
  • Group Inductions - Various techniques to hypnotize groups of people.
  • Instant and Rapid Inductions - Hypnotise your volunteers rapidly!
  • Hypnosis Depth Testing - Knowing how deep your subjects are in hypnosis.
  • Stage Hypnosis Routines - Enough ideas to entertain for HOURS and how to make your own.
  • Safety Precautions - What to do to ensure the safety of your volunteers.
  • Legal Issues - Insurance, contracts, agreements, tax information and more.
  • Sound Effects and Background Music - Incorporating music & sound effects with skits.
  • Show Pricing - Know how much to charge for any event.
  • Promotional Materials - Producing videos, brochures, web sites and more.
  • Marketing - Generating business, ways to advertise without paying a dime and much more.
  • Back End Sales - Sell your own stage show videos and products at the show doubling your profit for the night.
  • And much more...

Training not offered by ANY other Hypnotist:

  • Radio Hypnosis Show Demonstration
    • Becoming a guest on a popular radio show.
    • Preparing your subjects for deep somnambulism on air in seconds.
    • Types of hypnotic phenomenon to produce on radio.
    • Promote your business while performing routines.
    • And much more.
  • Television Hypnosis Show Demonstrations
    • Becoming a guest on a television show.
    • Preparing your subjects for deep somnambulism on air in seconds.
    • Presenting yourself to the general audience.
    • Types of hypnotic phenomenon to produce on television.
    • Preparing for large amounts of business.
    • And much more.

Tom Silver has been on National Radio and Television shows regularly for the past 20 years and is the top leader in this field. He has mastered this area of hypnosis demonstrations and now you can learn these valuable skills to expand your career like you never thought possible!

Here is a list of some of the National Television & Radio Shows Tom has made appearances on:

  • Hypnotized - Tom's own 1 hour special on CBS.
  • Montel Williams
  • Hard Copy
  • The Ricki Lake Show
  • The Man Show
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • The Sally Show
  • The Other Half
  • Beyond
  • Powers of the Paranormal
  • Life Moments
  • Ultimate Revenge
  • You Asked For It
  • The Home and Family Show
  • The Mike and Matte Show
  • Playboy Television's "The Extreme Truth"
  • KROQ Los Angeles, Kevin & Bean Morning Show
  • KIIS FM Los Angeles, Mark & Brian Show
  • POWER 106 Radio Los Angeles, The Big Boy Show
  • WJFK Washington D.C., Don & Mike Show
  • and others...

Watch Videos of Tom in action!

Your Training Also INCLUDES These Items:

Shock Induction Training Street Instant Hypnosis DVD Included with your Tom Silver Hypnosis Training Course Boston 2008

Two Stage Hypnosis Shows on 2 DVDs

Performed by Tom Silver

Watch Complete Hypnosis Shows performed by your trainer. We have included The "YMCA Hypnotized" DVD that has a high school audience and The "Holiday Party" DVD with an adult crowd.

These DVDs will show you how these crowds are quite different from each other and how a hypnotist NEEDS to adapt to these situations to successful. Watch the hypnotic routines in action and performed on a live audience!

A $119.90 value INCLUDED with your training!

The How To Book of Hypnotism, Included with your Tom Silver Hypnosis Training Course Boston 2008

“The How-To Book of Hypnotism”

by Tom Silver & Ormond McGill

This book should be in every hypnotist's library and is great reading for any person interested in the art and science of Hypnotism.

Detailed word-for-word hypnotic induction methods and suggestions are given. Photographs are also included. Learn how to utilize experiments in waking hypnosis, self-hypnosis and much more...

This NEW edition also includes "Interlingual Hypnotic Trance Induction." A unique method of hypnotizing a person through an interpreter in a foreign language.

A $24.95 value INCLUDED with your training!

Look at how much money you save with your Stage, Radio & Television Hypnosis Training Course, if you order now:

  • LIVE ONE-On-ONE INSTRUCTION: "Stage, Radio and Television Hypnosis 'Secrets Revealed' Training" - 3 complete, full days of personal intense, energetic training by World Renowned Hypnotist, Tom Silver.

  • DVD SET: "2 Stage Hypnosis Shows" by Tom Silver                   
    Regular Price $99.00 - Included with Training!

  • BOOK: The “How-To Book of Hypnotism” by Tom Silver & Ormond McGill                   
    Regular Price $24.95 - Included with Training!
Right now, you can schedule 3 full days of One-On-One Training for:
Only $4,995.00
That's three exclusive days with no other students. Only you and Tom!

"It was just what I needed, in terms of extra skills, understanding and personal confidence. Thanks a million for a great weekend!"

-Paul Vyvyan-

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your weekend. Not only was it incredibly instructive, but it was also such great fun. I know that as a result my life is changed forever and want to sincerely thank you for that!"

-Peter Bennett-

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