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Advanced Hypnosis Training
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Tom Silver's Personal One-On-One
Hypnotherapy Certification Training Course

Southern California

Become a Certified Hypnotherapist!
For Beginners or Practicing Hypnotherapists

Tom Silver Hypnosis Training Course Boston Photo

Four Days of
Advanced Training

with Grandmaster Hypnotist, Tom Silver

Limited Offer: Now Only $6,495

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Receive unparalleled personal attention!
One-On-One, Hands-On Training and LIVE Demonstrations
Conducted by Master Hypnosis Trainer - Tom Silver

"Tom Silver’s methods are unique and eminently successful.
His techniques will simply transform the way you work with clients
and give you a mighty arsenal of methods that will
massively enhance your effectiveness as a therapist.

How can Tom Silver's Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy Course give you the skills necessary to successfully transform peoples lives?

Tom Silver has over 30 years of experience in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He has pioneered techniques such as: Interlingual Hypnosis - Hypnotizing people with a foriegn language using an interpreter, and ERT - Emotion Replacement Therapy, as well as many induction and deepening techniques that can be utilized to successfully hypnotize ANY person.

Tom is the first hypnotist to introduce hypnotherapy in the Asian market. In 1995 Tom set a World's Record by mass-hypnotizing 3800 people at the same time! He has been on numerous national television and radio shows all over the word and starred in his own one-hour CBS Television Special called, "Hypnotized."

As a hypnotherapist, Tom has helped thousands of people overcome their problems. He has authored many books, DVD's and CD's for hypnosis instruction and self-help needs. Just about any hypnotist can teach you long drawn out inductions that only work part of the time, but to be successful with every client requires the training from a Grandmaster Hypnotist who has done it all.

In this course Tom will hold nothing back and will show & tell you all there is to know about how to be a successful hypnotherapist in this day and age. From hypnosis techniques to marketing strategies, you will gain knowledge that most hypnotists will never learn.

Upon completion of this course you will receive 2 Hypnosis Certifications:

  1. Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy & Scientific EEG Hypnotherapy
  2. Hypnotherapy Safety

Topics Covered in Your Hypnosis Training:

  • Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy - What it is and how it works.
  • Conducting Full Hypnosis Sessions - From A - Z.
  • Past Life Regression Therapy & Scripts
  • Interactive and Physical Hypnosis Inductions - Have great success with interactive inductions.
  • The Hypnosis Contract with Your Client - Get your client to stayed focus and on track.
  • Advanced Hypnosis Inductions - Utilize modern techniques.
  • Deep Trance Inductions - Bring your clients to the deepest states of hypnosis with confidence.
  • Rapid Inductions - Hypnotize your clients in seconds!
  • Instant, Unexpected Inductions - Shock inductions for highly analytical clients.
  • Visualization, Affirmation & Projection - A highly effective method that achieves results.
  • Reactional Hypnosis - Produce deeper states of hypnosis.
  • Physical Deepening Techniques - Physical methods to produce deeper stages of hypnosis.
  • Emotion Replacement Therapy - E.R.T. “The New Hypnosis Science Technology”
  • Stop Smoking in One Session with E.R.T. - Free clients from smoking in one session.
  • E.R.T. Weight Loss Methods - Super successful weight loss methods.
  • EEG Brainwave Monitoring - Learn brain-wave technology.
  • Rapid Habit Control Methods - Remove client's negative habits quickly.
  • Removing Fears and Phobias with E.R.T. - Free your clients of unwanted fears and phobias.
  • Early Life Regression Therapy - Powerful methods to get to the root of your clients challenges.
  • Automatic Subconscious Reprogramming Method - Client’s subconscious mind reprograms itself automatically while the hypnotist sits in silence.
  • LIVE Sessions - Witness Tom conduct LIVE hypnotherapy with fellow students in the classroom. Tom makes sure every student has the confidence to hypnotize anyone successfully.
  • "Hands On" Practice - Students practice hypnosis on each other with Tom's guidance.
  • Self Hypnosis - Students will learn how to lower their own brainwaves with Tom's techniques.
  • Tom's "New Method" of Hypnotherapy - Does not use the word "hypnosis" or "sleep."
  • Marketing Your Hypnosis Practice - Promote your business without paying a dime!
  • Hypnosis Safety - Learn hypnosis safety techniques.
  • Telephone Hypnotherapy - Hypnotize your clients over the telephone.
  • Hypnotize a Traumatized Person - How to instantly hypnotize someone in a trauma state.
  • Hypnotize Groups of Clients - Learn group hypnosis induction methods.
  • Company & Corporate Hypnosis - Corporate motivation through hypnosis techniques.
  • And Much More...

Your Training Also INCLUDES These Items:

Shock Induction Training Street Instant Hypnosis DVD Included with your Tom Silver Hypnosis Training Course Boston 2008

“Ultimate Shock Inductions Revealed” 2 DVD Set

Never before seen footage from Tom Silver Training. Learn how to produce a DEEP “Delta” state of hypnosis in seconds.

This highly informative 2 DVD video package will teach you a number of very effective deep trance inductions. Review over again and again how deep hypnosis is produced till perfected.


A $129.95 value INCLUDED with your training!

Tom Silver Hypnosis Training Course Boston Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy Course Training Manual

"Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy Training" Course Manual

by Tom Silver

Powerful hypnotic methods, deepening techniques and unbeatable exercises. Includes EEG Brain Wave Graphs and a diagram of the Autonomic Nervous System. In this Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy Training Manual you will learn Scientific Hypnotherapy and Brain Wave Technology, Visualization, Affirmation and Projection, how to make The Contract with Your Client, Somnambulist Induction & Advanced Deep Hypnosis Techniques, Hypnosis Deepening Techniques (scripts), Hypnotherapy scripts to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Remove Fears and Phobias, Visual Imagery scripts & Habit Removal techniques, scripts and suggestions for Sleep Problems, Group Hypnosis, How to Conduct a 30 Minute Session (full script of pre-hypnosis hypnotherapy), Early Age and Past Life Regression scripts and techniques, scripts for a variety of Client Problems, Translingual Hypnosis and Forensic Hypnosis Methods that work.

A $299.00 value INCLUDED with your training!


“HypnoTrance Sounds” Audio CD

The new scientific breakthrough. Combining Theta & Delta frequencies with entrancing sound frequencies, Hypnotrance Sounds will help you hypnotize your clients faster and deeper then ever before. Play Hypnotrance Sounds during your Hypnosis Induction and entire session. HypnoTrance Sounds promote low brain wave frequency changes, allowing listeners to go into the deep states of Theta and Delta, ideal for promoting health and healing.

A $49.95 value INCLUDED with your training!

Look at how much money you save with your Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy "Hands On" Training Course, when you order now:

  • LIVE ONE-On-ONE INSTRUCTION: "Tom Silver's Advanced Scientific "Hands-On" Hypnotherapy Training" - 4 complete, full days of personal intense, energetic training by World Renowned Hypnotist, Tom Silver.
  • DVD SET: "Ultimate Shock Inductions Revealed" by Tom Silverl
    Regular Price $129.95 - Included with Training                
  • MANUAL: "Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy Training Course Manual" by Tom Silver Regular Price $299.00 - Included with Training!
  • CD: "HypnoTRance Sounds" by Tom Silver and Ormond McGill
    Regular Price $49.95 - Included with Training!


Right now, you can schedule 4 full days of One-On-One Training for:
Only $6,495.00
That's four exclusive days with no other students. Only you and Tom!

Still not convinced this is the most comprehensive, up to date and advanced hypnotherapy training course on the market? Read on for more info on what you will be learning:

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